Extel is a leading provider of specialist electronic product design, manufacturing, and repair services. We improve our customers’ business through excellence in end-to-end EMS services.

For more than 25 years we’ve helped our customers bring innovative, category-leading electronic-based products to market that meet the challenges of the modern world.

We immerse ourselves in our customer’s businesses, striving to understand their strategic objectives to deliver the best achievable solution. Our experience enables us to provide a scalable expertise to our clients and partner with them at every stage of their product’s life cycle.

Quality and innovation are at the heart of our organizational culture, driving us to excel in everything we do, from the people we employ to the processes we follow.

With an experienced, industry-leading management team and a team of innovative engineers and designers, Extel has exceptional operational capability to deliver solutions via modern, advanced and well-equipped facilities. We provide flexible, tailored solutions that offer competitive advantage and genuine value.

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