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The Aerospace industry primarily comprises the production, sale and service of commercial aircrafts. Defense is dependent on the nation’s need for military deterrents and systems designed to operate on the land, sea, and in the air, with a growing ambition in space.
Extel has provided services to the aerospace and defense sectors for over 10 years and we are currently formalizing our AS 9100 accreditation.

“The technology behind our small unmanned aircraft system changes what is possible for the security and defense industry. It brings intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance services to critical missions for our international customer base.”

Defence and Aerospace

Some of our inspiring Aerospace & Defense clients

Some of our inspiring Aerospace & Defense clients

Augmented Reality

The future of Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is in a period of rapid transformation. Complex electronic systems and software are required to address the growing demands around cybersecurity, drones, small electric airplanes and augmented reality (AR).
Major OEM’s globally are investing heavily in R&D outside of more conventional technologies usually associated with the aerospace and defense sectors, as well as the growing startup community helping accelerate development and providing agility in a traditionally slow-moving industry.

“Our robust infrared camera system that plays a critical role in protecting military perimeters by syncing with the sentry towers and providing all-new visibility to what previously blind spots due to harsh environments. This is a technological breakthrough that will radically evolve defense capabilities.”

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