This inaugural event brought excitement and optimism, along with many familiar faces from Del Mar and the Southern California electronics industry…

Join us as we showcase the latest advanced electronic design and manufacturing solutions at the Anaheim Convention Center in November 2022.

Land Forces 2022 brought together over 800 defence industry businesses and delegations from more than 30 nations…

Join us as we showcase the latest defence and security advanced electronic solutions at Land Forces, Brisbane in October 2022.

ISO 13485 accreditation enables organizations to develop quality, safe and compliant medical device from design to manufacturing.

At Extel Technologies we believe in creating a better future, and last night at the annual Tech Industry Night we had the opportunity to talk with the next generation of Australian engineers about the inner workings of our organisation, our industry and the wide range of pathways available at Extel as they progress in their careers.

Each year, Extel seeks feedback from businesses with which we have partnered to develop life-changing products. Understanding their own perspective of the Extel experience is essential to improving and strengthening our offerings.

As carriers phase out 3G, the final transition into 4G, 5G and NBiOT will affect not just mobile phones, but a wide range of high-tech devices that rely on mobile connectivity.

Cybercrime is such a fast-paced, constantly evolving sector that no cybersecurity program can be perfect. When it comes to partnering with the people responsible for managing your IP on a daily basis, it is necessary to be cyber-aware to prevent breaches or minimize damage when they occur.

Extel Technologies was thrilled to host the Prime Minister (PM), Scott Morrison, alongside the member for Chisolm Gladys Liu MP and about 40 media representatives this morning at our Melbourne headquarters…

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