We’re back and showcasing the latest advanced electronic design and engineering solutions at the Anaheim Convention Center in September 2023.

Connect with us at Innovation Day 2023, an event fostering innovation and uniting a community of tech enterprises in the city of San Diego.

Design and development of advanced electronic devices face Design for Manufacture (DFM) challenges. Learn about some of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Discover the advanced conformal coating tech providing precision application, boosting efficiency and quality in electronics manufacturing.

Explore RMIT students’ eye-opening visit to Extel Technologies, uniting academia and industry in a dynamic fusion of innovation.

Extel Technologies is delighted to announce its partnership with Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) as a member of Team Redback.

Explore why this particular piece of selective soldering equipment delivers precise, efficient results versus other soldering methods.

We’re revealing details regarding our new technology that will future-proof Extel’s electronics manufacturing. Read more here…

This free guide outlines the steps involved in the design and development process of an electronic device and is centered around design for manufacturing. Download it here…

Outsourcing the design and development of your electronic device brings several benefits to your product strategy. Read more here…

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