Why Extel

What matters the most to you?


Evolving technology and the growing complexities of human behavior means there are so many untapped possibilities out there.


We represent a partnership, not a transaction.


Our clients know the commercial advantage of a true partnership. We consider ourselves an extension of their business and a means to reach their mission.
Accountability sits with us and we share the project risk.
Our clients experience a united front, with transparent cost methodologies from the beginning, zero workarounds and reduced constraints.


We invest in us, because speed-to-market is a must.


The evolution of life-changing products moves fast and so must we. Investing in our people, processes and technology is a part of our culture.
We use a globally led operational system and our people are constantly advancing their skills and the knowledge needed in this fast-paced industry. The cross-industry knowledge within Extel brings a reduction of mistakes and delays. We pride ourselves in maintaining critical certifications that deliver quality established processes and ensure market-compliance.
Our clients are never starting from zero on a project and the synergy between their needs and the way we operate means better products with greater reliability to meet market demand.


We bring a new meaning to agile…


A lot of our competitors talk about agility in the sense of being able to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality. Our view is that, today, these capabilities are a given. We are agile in the traditional sense and we would not
survive without being so.
At Extel, agility gives our clients some things they are not used to:


  • Direct access to our people, including our executive team, at any stage of the project.
  • Our clients are in control, with the ability to shift or grow projects without fuss.
  • Specialty parts allocation that brings direct access to what is needed when it is needed.
  • Having such depth and breadth of cross-industry knowledge means we bring new ideas to product challenges and offer nimble, effective solutions.
Component 4 – 55
Component 4 – 57


…and we bring true meaning to E2E.


End-to-end is not just about being a ‘one-stop-shop’. It is being able to find opportunities that create additional value for our clients across all stages of the product lifecycle, from concept to customer.
By holding complete responsibility at each stage of the project, relationships and processes are simplified and the overarching goal of delivering the product to the market is always front-of-mind.
Our designs are developed to suit the end-user, whilst also holding a focus on manufacturability. We do not operate in the grey market, meaning product parts are safe and compliant.
With fluid prototyping and a direct internal feedback loop, versioning is both shared and reduced.

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