Wearable technology comprises wearable electronic devices worn by a person to provide intelligent assistance that augments memory, intellect, creativity, communication and physical senses. 
Wearable electronics can be worn internally as implantable devices such as pacemakers, or may be worn externally in the form of a ring, a badge, a wristwatch, eyeglasses, pendant, or even clothing, and can monitor and record activities specific to medical, sporting or other activities.
Extel has provided services into the wearables sector for almost 10 years for both product innovation and manufacturing.
Wearable Technology

Some of our inspiring Wearable Technology clients

Some of our inspiring Wearable Technology clients

Wearable Electronics Analytics

The future of Wearable Technology

The key considerations for wearable electronics are that they have to be robust, small, consume a small amount of power, and be comfortable to wear. 
Wearable electronics can function as sensors or as computers. The wearable computer must be powered by lightweight batteries or fuel cells and must not be much of an additional burden to the wearer, but conveniently add value and form a large part of our everyday life.

The technology driving the condition monitoring devices changes the way customers control their data collection, analysis, and diagnostics. This leads to increased savings in maintenance and reduced downtime in their operation.” 

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