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Security of government agencies, world banks, stock-markets and global organizations becomes ever more challenging year on year.
Security can be regarded as the highest priority of society in the face of any type of threat, physical or via cyber insurgence.
Extel has provided services into the security and safety sector for over 15 years for both product innovation and manufacturing.
Security and Safety

Some of our inspiring Security & Safety clients

Some of our inspiring Security & Safety clients

Cyber Security Solution

The future of Security & Safety

Increasingly,  governments and global organizations rely on technology and expertise to protect their citizens, networks, transactions, and borders, and to make the world safer, by designing smart, connected products and critical infrastructure to fit seamlessly into everyday life.

“Our critical vision technology delivers mission-critical vision devices across air, land, or at sea. The active or passive vision sensors and systems set new market standards for a wide range of missions that include law enforcement, search and rescue, border security, military force protection, emergency medical services, utility inspection and environmental surveying.”

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