Core Capabilities.

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Electronics Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Global Processes

Our discovery and design team work with our clients to determine the product goals and begin to shape the concept from the inside out. Three critical factors are identified when designing the products of tomorrow:
By utilizing a design for manufacturing approach, reduces last-minute design issues that often occur once a product is in full-scale production ultimately reducing time-to-market. By pairing our clients’ needs with the possibilities of the latest technology,
our specialist team delivers powerful product concepts.

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Our strength in engineering brings a technical layer of product development that is critical when developing safe, compliant, and scalable products. Seamless collaboration and integration with our clients’ design and engineering team bring agile development. This means technical requirements can continue to be refined parallel to the project progressing and alternative solutions are provided to ensure products can respond to the demands of a changing market.
Our specialist abilities across electronic hardware, software, firmware, industrial and mechanical engineering means products are engineered for quality manufacturing. Rapid prototyping furthers our engineering capability by bringing a product into its initial tangible and functional form.
This ensures a high performing product before qualifying for full-scale production.

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Great ideas require great execution. We have 30 years of manufacturing success
that specializes in the creation of products with a demand for high reliability in the most challenging environments.
Our scalability allows us to develop products that minimize the time to market without compromising quality or reliability.
Our long-running focus and dedication to excellence in electronic manufacturing and
after-market support has resulted in proven success for our clients.
By investing in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment our clients trust us to deliver an immense range of high-tech, high-quality, reliable products. Underpinning our facilities and equipment is an automated planning tool that creates fast results whilst maintaining tight process control to meet the rigorous requirements of international standards.

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Managing the component supply chain can be challenging even at the best of times.
We have spent 30 years strategically developing our relationships with suppliers all over the world and as a result, we are listed as a preferred customer on a global scale. Not only does this give us the distinct ability to influence, and tap into, the global market for the latest technologies, it also means we have access to specialist components that can often be unavailable to others. 
Our supply chain capability speeds up:
Repair and return time
Retirement and upgrades
Our specific intelligence on supply chain aspects such as trends, price, or lead time guides our procurement team to ensure product components and technologies are chosen right from the beginning to support our client’s production schedule. In addition to availability is the need for quality. We are continually improving our supply chain management and supplier development processes. Our supply chain processes are constantly evolving to meet the changing industry standards that exist in electronic technology.
Strategic partnerships with our global suppliers and supply continuity align our clients’ production and growth objectives with our own relentless pursuit of quality outcomes. We deliver innovation and efficiencies in a complex and crowded marketplace.
Our supply chain facilities and processes meet extensive international and local industry certifications,
regulatory registrations, and compliance.

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There is a lot that needs to happen once a product of technological complexity is in the market. This includes:
Scheduled testing and maintenance
Unexpected repairs
Our service hub comprises experienced, dedicated teams of multi-skilled technicians, who our clients rely on for end-to-end lifecycle management services at a product, printed circuit board (PCB), or component level. Given the specialist complexities behind many of the PCB components, we work with clients to plan for the replacement of damaged or retired technologies in advance. 
To further reduce the risk of lead times or market response times, we offer secure storage and inventory management that allows for large and cost-effective orders on component upgrades or replacements. 
We utilize reverse logistics throughout the lifecycle management of a product to identify savings for our
clients such as returning unused components to the manufacturer or recycling components.

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Our tier-one ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite was implemented in January 2020. This cloud-based ERP system is a modern and scalable solution that enables secure and highly efficient operational processes. The first-ever local Advanced Manufacturing module within our industry allows our supply chain experts and warehouse and inventory management teams to efficiently procure and coordinate complex Bill of Materials.
This scalable platform provides our team with a business-critical tool to deliver excellence.
Our team members can customize their screens, so they are unique to the role that they perform for our clients. In turn, this allows our people to create a dashboard that provides them with the information to communicate both internally and externally as projects progress through our operations. Our system allows for full traceability which is a critical requirement of our delivery model in key market segments.
The stringent requirements associated with manufacturing medical products are comfortably accommodated within our ERP system. Complete lot traceability and unique product IDs allows our team to better control the product throughout our facility.
The built-in business intelligence and real-time reporting and analytics allow our management team, and the teams who coordinate with our clients, to communicate up-to-date information. In a market where our teams must adopt an agile mindset, our ERP system allows us to adapt to ever-changing demands. Our system provides the visibility and control to make the right decisions for our clients, now.

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