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We operate at a level of security that meets international government legislations in unison with the markets we support and client need.
The challenges of managing Intellectual Property (IP) are many and our privacy and security protocol play a critical role in managing our clients’ highly confidential and sensitive information. We also recognize the growing concern related to Cyber Security and the control of confidential data and we have an active and ongoing program of education and training of all staff within the business.
Talk to us about all aspects of security from access control to data storage, supply chain arrangements, and how we protect client data and IP.
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With a safety culture in mind, Extel offers an environment in which our norms, attitudes, and behavior place safety first in all areas of the business.
Corporate Safety Culture is generally accepted as having a strong influence over workplace incidents and injuries and we encourage all levels within the organization to embrace the culture and take an active role and flow down of management commitment, leadership, safety education, and training to all employees in all aspects of our business.
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For a company that inspires future possibilities and life-changing outcomes, there is one conventional aspect of Extel that will never change, our customer service.
We continue to reinvent this traditional value using the latest technologies, software, systems, and practices to ensure our clients receive the communication, care, and knowledge they need. In many cases, Extel is an extension of the client organization to communicate deliver incredible outcomes and products to the end market and user.
Talk to us about how we collaborate and interact and any specific aspects of how you want to operate.
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In the world of complex Electronics Manufacturing Services, reliability can make or break your market uptake and brand reputation.
Reliability cannot be an afterthought it is an upfront consideration, related to its operating condition, environment, and lifespan. Extel views the accountability of delivering a successful product in design and or manufacturing as a collaboration with its clients. We surround ourselves with dedicated specialist and professionals to ensure we understand all aspects of product requirements and compliance in design, selection of appropriate raw materials and components, properly considered manufacturing and test requirements, and appropriate verification and validation of the product prior to handing over to Manufacturing and on-going monitoring of production are all key aspect that
Extel’s clients can rely on continuity of supply to deliver the world’s most reliable product and maintain its reputation as a market leader.
Talk to us about our discovery process and book a workshop for all things design and how we manufacture and control all things supply chain and manufacturing.
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The word quality means different things to different people and organizations.
At Extel we believe that meeting or exceeding quality outcomes, compliance or regulatory standards is far easier with a culture that embraces quality such as Extel. In line with the needs and expectations of our clients’ end vision, our facilities and processes meet extensive industry certifications, regulatory registrations, and compliance levels.
With a continuous improvement mindset and our growing portfolio of accreditation and industry expectations, we are actively working to expand our field of vision across all market sectors we support.
Talk to us about how we can support your future quality or regulatory compliance needs.
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With a dedicated function in Extel that is focused not just on the certifications we need but also those in which are needed by our clients to gain both market approval and competitive advantage.
We are constantly looking to the future, monitoring industry trends, standards, and evolving government regulations to remain a certified and reliable partner for our clients.
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