We believe in creating a better future, where possibilities are reality, and outcomes can be life-changing.

For more than 30 years we’ve helped our clients bring innovative, category-leading electronic-based products to market that meet the challenges of the modern world.


Our story began with innovation and high-quality products, which continue to remain at the core of our business today.

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Extel Communications
Founded and commenced operations in Melbourne Australia in July 1991 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), trading as Extel Communications Pty Ltd.   Our initial offering was the design, manufacture, supply and support for innovative wireline communications products for use by telecommunication network operators in their access network.


Quality accreditation
One of the first in our industry to gain ISO9001 certification. A common need for our product range was (and still is) the ability to operate in harsh environments. Quality and reliability were critical to customer success. It remains an essential certification today.


USA expansion
To further support operations and penetrate new markets, we launched Extel in the USA, with our main office in Richardson, Texas.


Introducing Extel Technologies
After flourishing in a broader range of industries and continuing to deliver innovative solutions to a global market, we were well and truly establishing ourselves as an industry leader. We transitioned from Extel Communications Pty Ltd to Extel Technologies Pty Ltd in 2011.


Supporting global industry innovators
Extel Technologies was incorporated into California and is now an established presence in Irvine, California – an area known for its technological innovation. At the same time, Extel Technologies in Singapore was formed. Both operations were founded to offer more personalized support to our expanded client-base and enable a global supply chain.


DSL innovation
Established a dominant presence in the DSL wireline space. Our product range enabled iconic communication carriers to economically connect and deliver high-speed internet to previously isolated customers in rural and regional areas of Australia.


Asia expansion
Expansion into China. Our access network products and services peaked in 2003. With over 500,000 subscribers across14 countries connected to their service provider via our equipment, we had established offices in Melbourne, Australia and Nanjing, China.


Digital revolution
The digital (and Extel) revolution. Communications network products were progressively moving from wireline to wireless. By 2006 we had established relationships in the defence sector and expanded our offering beyond communication supply. We began engaging in contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) in parallel with our communications offering. Our new charter saw specialization in the contract design and manufacture of electronic-based products with a broader scope into a variety of industries.


Medical accreditation
We extended our quality and safety into the medical field and achieved the ISO13485 accreditation in 2013. Extel has since developed many complex and iconic medical devices approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA) and other jurisdictional authorities.


Celebrating 30 years in business
As advanced electronics innovators, we know the possibilities of the future. Innovation will remain at the core of our business and within our people. With a focus on high complexity and high-reliability products for the global market, we are dedicated to supporting our clients’ evolution for a better future.

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