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Industrial electronics deals with power electronic devices such as, AC/DC drives, meters, sensors, analyzers, load sells automatic test equipment, meters, data recorders, relays, resistors, semiconductors, transistors, waveguides, scopes, amplifiers, radio frequency (RF) circuit boards, timers, counters, etc. 
Put simply, industrial electronics refers to equipment, tools and processes that involve electrical equipment in an industrial setting.
Extel has provided services into the commercial and industrial space for almost 
30 years. 

Some of our inspiring Commercial & Industrial clients

Some of our inspiring Commercial & Industrial clients

The future of Commercial & Industrial

Industrial electronics is broad range and covers all of the methods and facets of: control systems, instrumentation, mechanism and diagnosis, signal processing and automation of various industrial applications. 
A lot of consideration today and in the future is given to the power of economy, energy management and remote monitoring to include predictive maintenance.

“Our automatic sliding door operators deliver exceptionally on today’s living requirements.

The software within the operators provides an outstanding level of safety to support the demand of day-to-day movement.”

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