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Product Innovation

When you have a product design that requires changes in order to get it to market.


Whether you’re a start-up with a dream or an established leader looking to build your existing footprint and forge into new territories, what’s achievable is only restricted by your imagination.

Technical Discovery

Our design team works to understand the key requirements of a product’s usability, technological feasibility and financial viability.


By remaining agile, Extel is able to provide alternative solutions to ensure products and processes respond to the demands of a changing market.

Electronics planning innovation
Extel PCB Electronics Manufacturing Design

Client Collaboration

We encourage collaboration with our customers’ engineering teams to achieve collective success in all phases of a product’s lifecycle. From concept inception through to repair and end of life options, our aim is to focus on electronic manufacturing-related core competencies.


By breaking down the design and development process, we ensure that this phase is controlled, documented and easily evaluated.

Technical Innovation

Our designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists work collaboratively to create effective designs that maximize the use of each product.


While manufacturing our prototypes, we focus on technical attributes that produce a shorter time-to-market and a cost-efficient product that is compliant with all relevant standards.

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End-to-end Electronics Innovation

Our Product Innovation services include:


  • Concept design 

  • Systems design 

  • Engineering (mechanical and electronic)

  • Component sourcing

  • Prototyping

  • Certification

  • Manufacturing

  • Testing

  • Supply and logistics

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