The utilities industry refers to companies that provide amenities, such as water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas.
Utilities are part of the public service landscape and are therefore heavily regulated, with compliance being an increasingly critical and complex issue.
Extel has provided services into the utilities sector for almost 5 years for both product innovation and manufacturing.

“The flow logger has changed the water industry by turning an analog meter digital. These meters provide a better customer experience through increased usage visibility, bill management and leak detection. At a larger scale, our product means greater control and visibility over water and wastewater networks, bringing environmental protection.”


Some of our inspiring Utilities clients

Some of our inspiring Utilities clients

Smart City Grid

The future of Utilities

There is a high demand for smart products in this sector that better control connected devices across the grid and collect data that help them deliver services more efficiently and reliably. 
Smart products are also the foundation of a smart city, helping city and urban areas to be more sustainable, in tune with natural events and climatic conditions as well as performing dynamic pricing to consumers.
In addition to benefiting organizations and providers, technology also provides the consumer with more information and control over their usage and cost.

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