December 20, 2020



Restriction of Hazardous Substances represents a set of critical guidelines which must be met before electronic devices may be deemed safe.

These guidelines had their genesis in 2002/2003 with the European Union’s drive to restrict hazardous chemicals and substances in the manufacture of products (European Directive 2002/95/EC). Commencing with 6 substances, the most notable of which was lead, these guidelines have evolved to include many others and RoHS has now been adopted across all industries (medical and others were originally exempt). In Europe, one cannot sell electronic products that are not RoHS compliant. Over the years other countries outside Europe have adopted this standard because it opens up the markets in Europe and the parts they use are moving to RoHS compliant with the older parts now not available.

Our commitment to RoHS compliance gives our clients confidence in our ability to comply with the directives by ensuring our purchasing and manufacturing processes are both robust and safe. RoHS compliance can be regarded as another high-value service that our clients gain by partnering with us.

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