World-class defence systems

Client Profile

Electro-Optic Systems (EOS) operate in the aerospace and defence markets with products that focus on the prevention of casualties. EOS products incorporate electro-optic applications based on a wide range of technologies: software, laser, electronics, optronics, gimbals, telescopes, beam directors, and precision mechanisms.

EOS products are often deployed in extreme and harsh environments and are required to be highly compliant and highly reliable. PCB assemblies and sub-assembly systems go through rigorous testing before final product assembly.

On-time delivery is critical for EOS as it allows them to plan and deliver products on schedule to their global customer base.


Aerospace and Defence




  • Advanced manufacturing services for a range of PCB assemblies and sub-assemblies inclusive of downstream value added services
  • Testing of PCBa and Sub systems 
  • Service & Repair services for a range of PCB assemblies and sub-assemblies

The Brief

EOS required a manufacturing partner that could meet their exacting standards. They required a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our services to develop high-quality and reliable products, all manufactured to IPC Class 3 standards. 


Our supply chain was to effectively manage inventory to meet customer requirements for their monthly scheduled orders.


Project goals

Provide EOS with world-class manufactured electronic assemblies that meet the below standards:

  • Military-spec environment
  • Exceptional reliability for operation in the harshest of environmental conditions
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Demand fulfillment where on-time delivery is critical to downstream client operations

The Outcome

Extel-built products are now integrated into the entire EOS product range.

Business advantages

EOS has gained several critical advantages as an outcome of our products and services.

Technical advantages

  • Production of highly-complex, reliable and compliant products
  • Integrated supply chain solutions

Project challenges

  • Eliminate the risk of counterfeit components being used by having a forensic eye for detail
  • Sustaining engineering to ensure materials and supply chain are optimized
  • Clinical first article inspection and in-process control to maintain a zero defect requirement
  • Optomized supply chain to ensure Extel can react to fluctuation in demand due to match with the end client schedule changes

Addressing the challenges

  • Dedicated program manager
  • Regular monthly and quarterly meetings with the client
  • Extel staff receive on-going IPC training from our in-house master trainer to maintain required standards
  • Investment in best-in-class Surface Mount and Through-Hole manufacturing equipment
  • Investment in the latest Quality Control & Quality Assurance equipment, systems & processes
  • Full traceability on components using the lot tracking function on our ERP/MRP system
  • At program kick-off, there were regular meetings between our production engineering team and EOS to provide feedback on the manufacturability of the PCB assemblies (DFM)
  • The regular monthly meeting between the Extel program team and EOS to ensure they are kept up to date with any supply chain challenges
  • Our component engineering team is in regular contact with the EOS engineering department to identify all last-time-buy and end-of-life items, identifying and recommending suitable alternatives before they become a supply chain issue

Operational advantages

  • Manufacturing in the country of origin for local content requirements
  • On-time delivery to meet customers’ requirements for monthly scheduled orders
Strategic advantages
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • The scalable and repeatable manufacturing platform
  • Sustainable manufacturing program
Return on Investment
  • Increased on-time delivery performance
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced amount of RMAs (returned merchandise)

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