January 1, 2021

Global Semiconductor Shortage


Supply chain insight

Did you know Extel is often the first point of contact for component manufacturers (OEM’s), distributors and supply channels with all matters related to material supply?

Increasingly we are seeing lead-time warnings and price rises across the supply chain. This is on the back of the automotive recovery and increased global demand for consumer products due to the global shift to working from home and remote management.

Lead times being pushed out

As a strategic supply chain and manufacturing partner, we are being strongly advised by the component market to review production requirements for at least the next 6 months. We are working with our clients directly to encourage a strategy for those who are at risk of being impacted.

The message to our broader market is clear: secure your materials now to ensure continuity of supply.

Regardless of sector, if you’re an organization reliant on semiconductors to fulfill your production and would like to speak to us about how you can plan for this shortage, please get in touch today.

To read more about this global shortage please click here

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