December 7, 2020

Australian Good Design Award and CSIRO Design Innovation award


Australian hearing aid company Blamey Saunders hears is winner of the 2018 Australian Good Design Award® of the Year, for Facett the world’s first modular ‘self-fit’ hearing aid.

Facett provides unparalleled ease of use, inexpensive upgradability options, and aesthetic appeal. Magnetic rechargeable battery modules click easily into place, replacing fiddly disposable batteries and empowering people with partial vision and dexterity with independence.

As well as being awarded the Good Design Award® of the Year, Facett is honoured with the prestigious CSIRO Design Innovation Award. The judges concurred that “This product has incredible potential to make a very positive impact on people’s lives who suffer from hearing loss. The use of rechargeable batteries and magnetic coupling is highly innovative.”

“Every little detail of this product has been meticulously designed with the end user in mind. This is a world-class product that is extremely well resolved from every perspective.

The stunning jewel-like design does well to remove the stigma of hearing aids by drawing parallels to jewellery and wearable art. Exquisite detailing, high-end technology and excellence in design make this a stand-out product that should be recognised and celebrated at the highest levels..” As everyone’s hearing is different, Facett’s settings are fully user-adjustable through a system called IHearYou® (a previous Good Design Award winner) which works on a smartphone, tablet or Windows computer—no audiologist required. Facett also boasts high resolution sound, filtered through 96 output channels, and technology that isolates speech and reduces background noise.

Facett’s design featured input from hearing aid users, RMIT and Swinburne universities, Melbourne Museum, and Extel Technologies. It is manufactured in Australia, and received grant funding from the state and federal government.


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