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The Quality Assurance team provides clients with confidence that their own quality needs are met or exceeded, as well as remaining compliant nationally and internationally. The team is dedicated to achieving compliance, market approval and competitive advantage. Always with an eye on the future, a continuous improvement mindset, and our growing portfolio of accreditation and …

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Critical to the success of our clients long-term objectives, the program management team oversees various projects with the intention of delivering and improving product and organizational performance for our clients.

The Project Management team ensures that the final product is delivered on time in a way that meets or exceeds expected standards. The team liaises closely with the client throughout the entire lifecycle of the project to ensure all departments work seamlessly to meet or exceed client expectations.

Warehousing is dedicated to the efficiency of the provision of products, parts and components. To reduce the risk of lead times or market response times, the Warehousing team offers secure storage and inventory management that allows for large and cost-effective orders on component upgrades or replacements. The team also seeks to identify savings for our …

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The Supply and Logistics team works to speed up time to market, repair and return time, and retirement and upgrades. Meeting extensive international and local industry certifications, regulatory registrations, and compliance, the Supply and Logistics team provides specific intelligence on supply chain aspects such as trends, price, or lead time guides our Procurement team to …

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Maintenance and Repairs reduce risk and extend the return on product investment to support the longevity of our clients’ electronic products. Our team works with clients to plan for the replacement or upgrade of damaged or retired technologies in advance. The team also has a rapid response protocol and comprises experienced, dedicated teams of multi-skilled …

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The Testing team ensures the reliability and safety of clients’ products. Surrounded by dedicated specialists and professionals to ensure we understand all aspects of product requirements and compliance, the Testing team plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of raw materials and components, including appropriate verification and validation and ongoing monitoring.

The Manufacturing team ensures efficient delivery of an immense range of high-tech, high-quality, reliable products. Working in state-of-the-art facilities and automated processes, our manufacturing team takes great ideas through to successful execution in minimal time, even in the most challenging environments.

The Procurement team ensures that our clients have access to specialist components even when these may be unavailable to others. The team has spent 30 years strategically developing our relationships with suppliers all over the world and as a result, we are listed as a preferred customer on a global scale. These strategic global partnerships …

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The Engineering team ensures a high-performing product before qualifying for full-scale production. Our specialist abilities across electronic hardware, software, firmware, industrial and mechanical engineering means products are engineered for quality manufacturing. Rapid prototyping furthers our engineering capability by bringing a product into its initial tangible and functional form

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